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student studying in classroom
student studying in classroom

Computer Science is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding field to study. Our academic program offers a wide range of courses covering all the major areas of computer science, including programming, database systems, networking, computer graphics, gaming, software engineering, machine learning, computer security, robotics, web application development, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, and bioinformatics. The Computer Science degree program provides cutting-edge technology for use by our students in classrooms, hands-on labs, and research labs.

Information Technology (ITEC) is a baccalaureate degree major designed to prepare students for careers in a wide variety of work settings that rely on information technologies to accomplish organizational goals. ITEC is a great fit for students who enjoy using computing technology to provide solutions to issues facing individuals, organizations, and societies. ITEC is distinct from computer engineering, computer science, and management information systems because it focuses on meeting the needs of users within organizational and societal contexts through the selection, creation, application, integration, and administration of computing technologies. Information Technology also offers a certificate in Cybersecurity for graduate students.

Cybersecurity Technology (CTEC) is a baccalaureate degree major that draws from the fields of computing, information technology, information assurance, and information security. Based on widely accepted cybersecurity curricular guides, the CTEC program provides students with the theoretical and conceptual knowledge essential to understanding the cybersecurity discipline as well opportunities to develop practical skills. Graduates enter the workforce as cybersecurity professionals ready to make a difference applying advanced skills to protect critical digital infrastructures and services.

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Deepen your expertise and practical experience for specialization or leadership roles in the tech industry.

Computer Science

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Achieve the highest level of scholarly attainment and pioneer new frontiers.

Computer Science


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