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Maintain the Bond. Your Involvement is Invaluable.

The School of Computing at SIU treasures its alumni, a global network that stands as a testament to our enduring legacy and a catalyst for future advancement. You are the keystones of this ever-progressing community, and your active involvement continues to bridge generations of Salukis, fostering a rich tradition of shared knowledge and mutual growth. As alumni scattered across the tech industry, your collective impact underscores the value of our educational ethos and strengthens our global presence.

We invite you to remain engaged with us, to share your expertise with current students, and to open doors to novel opportunities in the ever-changing tech landscape. Your support and active participation not only honor SIU's traditions but also fortify the School of Computing's reputation for excellence. Together, we create professional networks that not only celebrate past achievements but also pave the way for tomorrow's innovations.

Stay Involved

Approaching graduation, our students can take advantage of events like Grad Bash, providing all the essentials for a seamless transition from student to graduate.

The School of Computing supports the Extern program, offering students real-world experience by connecting them with our accomplished alumni in various sectors across the nation.

Stay up-to-date with us by visiting the SIU Foundation to update your alumni profile.

Our outstanding alumni may be nominated for the prestigious Distinguished Alumni Award, a testament to the remarkable achievements of SIU graduates.


Hire a Saluki

Our dedicated recruitment portal, HIRE A SALUKI, provides an efficient and user-friendly interface for businesses to connect with our talented students and alumni, offering a streamlined recruitment experience from any device, anywhere.

Support Our Vision

Your generosity sustains our mission to nurture and guide the next generation of innovative leaders. Contributions from our alumni and patrons are crucial to our ongoing success and excellence in education.


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